About Us

Welcome to the Clinical and Developmental Autobiographical Memory Laboratory, at Victoria University of Wellington under the leadership of Associate Professor Karen Salmon.

We are interested in autobiographical memory, which is memory for our personal experiences. We have a particular focus on children and adolescents. Our autobiographical memory serves important functions in our lives, including maintaining a sense of identity, guiding future actions, and helping us build relationships with others.

Within this broader area, our research asks several questions. First, what is the relationship between how children and youth remember personal experiences and their psychological functioning (for example, anxiety and depression)? Second, how does the nature of children and adolescents’ conversations with others influence their personal memories, their understanding of their world, and their psychological functioning? Third, what is the role of autobiographical memory in treatment of child and youth difficulties (such as anxiety or depression)?

We welcome the opportunity to hear from potential collaborators who would like to be involved in any of our studies, or new research projects.